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Inspired by passion, we have combined design and technology so that safety is never a compromise. TALI offers you a unique experience based on guiding, prevention and protection.

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Innovative Smart Helmet

  • Be Seen

    The Helmet's integrated lighting system connected to the bike makes you more visible and understandable on the road.
  • Be Sleek

    its functional design makes your life easier and makes you feel safe. its high performances keep your emotions intact.
  • Be Connected

    Let yourself be carried away by the fun. Our technology allows you share data with your bike and your people.

When The Tech Protects You

Voice Command
  • - Calls
  • - Navigation
  • - Compatible with smart assistant
Phone App
  • - Fall detection
  • - Customize leds
  • - Share your trips with your friends
Emergency call
  • - Emergency alert system
  • - Automatic Emergency call
  • - Warn 3 relatives in case of fall
Road Lights
  • - Warning Lights
  • - Turn signal
  • - Front & tail
Fully Connected
  • - 4G network + LTE-M
  • - Community
  • - Connect with your Motorcycle
Tali Connected
  • - Digital maintenance
  • - Smart alarm
  • - GPS real time location

The Mobile Application That Follows, Warns And Protect The Entire Riding Commmunity

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